Rebecca, Age 13, Neillsville, WI


I guess that's all I can say
I never dreamed of saying those words
to someone like you
I thought you'd be there for me
to hug me tight and even say goodnight
Your life was filled with fun and laughter,
still I'm glad it didn't run faster
You were filled with many gifts,
gifts most of us didn't have
I knew one day you'd go,
but I didn't think that it would go that soon
Your life ended with one last breath,
one last heartbeat
I felt bad when I heard the news,
I had to run away from myself and hide
You were gone from my life
now and forever
I didn't know how I could make it
without you,
but I knew you'd remain in my heart forever
Still, I wouldn't let go
It's now time to say those words,
I never want to say again
To you, or anyone
I love you and good-bye

Dedicated to the memory of my brother,
Roland R. Schoen 1987-1999

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