Uninvited Guest (A Halloween Story)
Brittney, Age 10, Wisconsin, USA

He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn. Who was it?! The Milkman? The Paperboy? Who?

Then he realized he was all alone in his dark, cold, basement. As he raced up the stairs he could feel the forced air blowing against his face. He got to the top of the steps he could hear himself breathing loudly.... He thought about it over again and again, did he imagine it? Slowly, quietly he crept down to his basement.

It turned again!! Who was It!! 

Then he watched as the door opened and it turned out it was his mom! He had forgotten that she was going to start locking the upstairs door so she came in. She explained how she went and got groceries and put some by the door and turned the knob and then she forgot the bag of M&M's she had bought him.....

So that's why the doorknob turned!

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