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Jay Hosler. The Sandwalk Adventures
Active Synapse $20 US  ISBN 0-9677255-1-8  159 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 12

Darwin is an old man who loves the peace of his sandwalk. Every time he is faced with a problem, he walks along the sandwalk. And it works well. That is, until he meets two little follicle mites living in his left eyebrow who thinks heís a god! Now even the sandwalk canít get rid of these Ďhallucinationsí. So he decides to make the best of it and explain the concepts of evolution, and not the seawater being barfed out by Flycatcher (Darwin, that is).

Jay Hosler has created a masterpiece in the form of a comic book. The Sandwalk Adventures is an absolutely hilarious book with a little learning squished in. In fact, if you read the back of the book, it is based on a true story (other than the follicle mites of course). Darwin is a well-known professor of evolution. He has discovered many secrets about evolution. The Sandwalk Adventures will make you laugh, wonder, and you just might learn something!

The Sandwalk Adventures are about as good as it gets. Clear, straight forward, I donít even feel like going down the list of things that describe how awesome this graphic novel is. I learned a lot about evolution. This book is perfect for all ages. Anyone of any age will love this book.

I give Jay Hoslerís The Sandwalk Adventures book 5 stars.


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