Urim, Age 8, Chengdu, China

Some animals eat meat and some eat grass. Some animals are lovely and some people are frightened by a few terrible animals. The Americanís Alligators is dangerous because it will eat people. He is very long: 5.5m. Another Alligator whose name is Gavial is from India and it is longer than American alligator. Also there is another kind of alligator. Its name is West African Dwarf Crocodile. It is the shortest one of the alligator. I thought that salt water crocodile is big but his length is 7m long, longer than American alligator. So many alligators and crocodiles are hiding and eat the zebra and so many other animals.

I believe many people know the tortoise. But there are many kinds of tortoises in the world. A kind of tortoise is Galapagos Giant tortoise. His weight is 215kg. It is so very, very, very, very big. I think several persons can stand on the Galapagos Giant Tortoise. Another kind of tortoise is the Leatherback. It is bigger than the Galapagos giant tortoise. Its weight is 360kg.

Also there are many kinds of lizards in the world. First I will talk about the Common Iguana. His length is 1-2m. I like the Common Iguana. It is green. The Rhinoceros Iguana is 1.2m and I like the lump and I like the marine iguana too because it is red. I like red because it is like a fire. I like Marine Iguana very much and the longest lizard is Komodo Dragon. His length is 3-5 meters.

I think people do not like snakes. The anaconda is longest of the snakes. His length is 9-11m I thought a Taiwan Cobra is dangerous and his length is 1.8-2.2m. His saliva is dangerous because it can be have the poison. It is the poisonous snake. Some Gaboon Vipers can change his color just like a leaf. Also I like the Saw Scaled Adder but he is not in China. I think he lives in Africa and I canít go to Africa because it is so hot.

I like Ocean Sunfish because it is big and he lives in the ocean. I think he is the fastest of all the fish. I like him and I thought he looks like he has no body. He only has a big face. And do you know Dwarf Seahorse? It is so small. It is only 4 cm but it looks lovely.

Next, I will talk about birds. One kind of bird is Quetzal. It is 61 cm. Its tail is very long and on its body the fur that covers is green but under its body the fur that covers is red. Another kind of bird is Eclectus Parrot. I think some people regard it as a pet. It is colorful. Some are green. Some are red. Some are blue. Some are other colors. It is very clever. It can make people happy. Maybe you can try to have a parrot. Your lives will become more interesting.

Another kind of parrot is Budgerigar. It is different from Eclectus Parrot. The fur on its top of head is yellow and its body is red. The Eclectus parrot is 61 cm. Budgerigar is shorter than Eclectus Parrot. It is only 31 cm. but I think it is lovely yet. Do you think so?

Now I will introduce another kind of birds. It is named Toco Toucan. It has a big mouth and the fur on its body is black. The fur under its body is white but its mouth is yellow. I love all kinds of birds. I want to fly in the sky like them. I think it will be an exciting thing. The last one kind of birds I will talk about is the cardinal. It is a special bird. All its fur is red except the fur that is around its mouth is black and its mouth is red too.

Then I will introduce another kind of animal. I believe many people know it. Some people maybe love it very much. It looks very colorful and beautiful. It can fly  in the sky. And it loves flowers very much. Could you guess what I will talk about? Yes, it is a butterfly. I think you maybe have guessed. Now I will talk about some kind of butterfly one by one. The first one is named Atlas Moth. Its body is yellow and it is 2.5-25 cm.  The second one I will talk is named Luna moth. It is green and it looks like a green leaf when it stands on a leaf. Its color can make it safe. Its enemy will be difficult to find it.

Another kind of butterfly is Morpho. It is blue and it is 1.5-11 cm. Maybe many people never see it because it is seldom in the city. It is hard to see it in the city but it is really beautiful when you see it.

The last kind of animal I will say lives in the sea. First I will talk about Edible Crab.  It is known by most people. Some people like eating it, because it is very delicious. It is very expensive. Maybe few people can eat it. Another delicious food is Amphipod. It is expensive too. Another animal maybe no people can eat and maybe few people can see it.

It is sponge. It doesnít look like a animal. It is yellow. It is 50 cm. Brain coral is also a kind of animals in the sea. It is the same as sponge it doesnít look like a animal. It is green and it looks like a green ball and it is very big. It is about 2 m.

There are many kinds of animals in the world. I know we cannot hurt it. We should protect all kinds of animals. I love all animals very much.

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