The Animals
Ben, Age 8, Chengdu, China

Snake and his wife went to the council with all the other animals. Rabbit saw them and talked to them on the way. When they got there, they saw lion and his wife and tiger and bear, too. Everyone was seated on rocks or sand piles. They were all quiet as the wise baboon came in.

“One of us is quite sly and whoever it is, he is a traitor,” the wise baboon said swiftly.

“Mmmmmmmmmm. Whooooo isssssss itttttt? Isssss ittttt meeeee?”

“No, he has left,” the baboon said.

“Hey there he is, right over there, get him! Hey, that can’t be. It is a crab!” said one of them.

“Get him! He’s too fast!” We got him! He’s going to jail!” said another.

So crab went to jail and escaped!  He bought a costume and went as a bear. And then he found money and took it and went to jail and all the animals lived happily ever after.

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