Brown Hair, Brown Hair and Blue Hair
Anna, Age 8, Chengdu, China

Once upon a time there were three rabbits. The first rabbit was named Brownie. His wife’s name was Brown Girl. And their son’s name was Blue Boy. They were all named this after their hair color.

One day Brownie said, “Blue Boy, you have blue hair.” He thought it was very weird. “Me and your father think that you need brown hair like us,” said Brown Girl.

“But I like my hair blue,” said Blue Boy.

“Well that’s not your choice,” said his mother.

So while Blue Boy was sleeping his mother and father bought a hair dyeing machine. Then they brought it in his room. They started dyeing his hair brown. But just then the machine broke. The next day Blue Boy looked in his mirror and yelled, “Mommy, Daddy!”

They came rushing in. “My hair is half blue and half brown!” Then Blue Boy (who is now Blue and Brown Boy) started crying. “There, there, Blue Boy and now Brown Boy,” said his mother. “Just call him Blue Boy,” said his father.

“Did you have to do this,” whined Blue Boy. “Yes we did,” said both grownups. That night while Blue Boy was asleep his parents were talking. “He looks more ugly than before,” said his father. “Well, I quite like the color pink,” said his mother. “What do you mean?” “Well, I’m saying we could turn his hair pink.” “Fine then let’s give it a try.”

So then they fixed the machine. One! Two! Three! Start. The Machine was made to be quiet. The next day Blue Boy woke up and looked in the mirror then yelled “Mommy, Daddy!” And after that his life got more and more miserable.

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