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Jay Hosler. Clan Apis
Active Synapse  $23.00  ISBN 0-9677255-0-X  158 pg.
Reviewed by Whitney, Age 12

Once upon a long, long time ago, there was a whole lot of nothing. The emptiness was complete and it persisted stubbornly until it decided it was time for something more. And then suddenly something more appeared.

Clan Apis is a terrific graphic novel about bees. Now I know you are probably thinking, BEES?! What can be terrific about that? But it really is a great book. It is all about Nyuki, a larva who is scared to become a bee. But after her transformation is complete, she learns about what it means to be part of a hive and she becomes a very valued bee. But she wants more. She wants to be free and able to explore. Will Nyuki realize that she is needed at the hive? Or will she run away forever?

Jay Hosler, the brilliant author of Clan Apis, makes this book all the more worth reading. After you read it, you may not realize that you have just learned something! This book is very educational! Jay Hosler has written other books including The Sandwalk Adventures.

I really liked this book and would be glad to read it over and over again. Even though the pictures are black and white, they really make the book better. I think that if you are doing a study on bees, or a report or just want a good read, you should defiantly pick up this book. I think that it is good for ages 8-88! If you are an adult you will think this book is great. I give Clan Apis 5 out of 5 stars!


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