Sarah's Stars

Haruko Iida.  Crescent Moon
Tokyopop  $9.99US  ISBN 1-59182-792-2  179 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

Princess, Princess,
Why are you scared?
In the far-off reaches of the highest mountains,
I hear the cries of a demon boy,
That if women are truly as fickle as the phases of the moon,
Then surely I shall capture and devour her.

Her name is Mahiru Shiraishi. This young girl is in high school, admitting school is not the most pressing matter she has. It seems wherever, and whomever, she is touched by, has the blessing of abnormal good luck. The frustration comes when she cannot keep any of the good luck herself.

Her world, as odd as it may have been before, is tossed around again, when she comes across an ancient race of people. There are only four of them, but she is still terrified. However, you would be afraid, too, if a werewolf, vampire, fox and bat took you away with them, and then knelt at your feet claiming you were a princess. So the story goes, they are in search of the shattered remains of the ‘Teardrops of the Moon’ that were stolen years ago by the humans. These four call themselves the Lunar Race, and they need Mahiru’s help.

I couldn’t breathe. I swear the contents of this novel stole my breath away. The cliffhanger ending did not help me catch what air I had lost, either! Extraordinary. It was truly stunning. The imagination that is used in the illustration and in the script is something I am sure millions will come to admire. Crescent Moon comes forth like a magnet to all readers. Once the book was placed in my hands it was not set down until reluctantly I had finished the entire book. The Lunar Race is mysterious and I still have many questions about the group. Their personality and sketched appearances leap off the page and grasp you.

The theory humans have come up with about creatures of the night, are represented endlessly in this novel. It’s a tale that I will never forget, even if I tried. I would recommend this book for ages twelve and up.

I would give Crescent Moon more than five stars, but unfortunately that is the limit. So I will simply say five very FULL stars out of five. I hope others will enjoy this graphic novel as much as I did. Things captioned in this book will stay with you, guaranteed.


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