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Haruko Iida . Crescent Moon: Volume 1
Tokyopop  $9.99 US  ISBN 1-59182-792-2  179 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

Why do you cry?
In a forest painted by the setting sun...
...I made a promise to a demon boy...
...that when the moon ascends to the sky in ten...
...I'll become his bride."

What if every time the moon was full you had a dream? What if you knew that this dream was important, that it had something to do with you and your power? What if you had the power to give people good luck?

Welcome to the life of Mahiru Shiraishi. She's just an average, orphaned, schoolgirl, who happens to spread good luck wherever she goes. To escape from the onslaught of people who want her to share her luck, the extremely unlucky Mahiru hides out in the swimming pool. Under the water she can see a completely different world, full of fish and life. This world is linked to the one in her dreams, the world of the descendant of the princess and the demon boy. When the Lunar Race comes calling, will Mahiru be able to accept her past and her destiny and give this band of misfits a chance at freedom?

Crescent Moon combines Fantasy, Mystery and Manga to create an amazing Graphic-novel. From start to finish, Haruko Iida's fanciful, flowing style draws the reader in. Mahiru's misfortunate and mysterious past, combined with the fast paced events that introduce her to the Lunar Race make for a wonderful, exciting story. Crescent Moon is an amazing tale and the graphics add so much. The loose garments of the princess and demon boy convey the unreal feeling of their world, whereas Mahiru's spinning underwater world shows her confusion and unrest.

I really enjoyed reading Crescent Moon. At times I found it a bit confusing but things soon straightened themselves out. It's a wonderful fantasy story, one that all fantasy maniacs (such as myself) will want to read. I eagerly await the arrival of Volume 2 and hope that it will continue to be as interesting and surprising as the first one. I would recommend Crescent Moon for teens, (mainly girls), ages 13 and up. I hope that you will enjoy Crescent Moon's magic and mystery as much as I did.

I would give Crescent Moon five stars out of five.


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