Defeat of Evil Yolk Man
Becky, Age 8, Elmwood, WI

Beautiful Butterfly Becky is the world's greatest hero. Her power is... transforming into a beautiful butterfly! She makes everybody happy, but she makes villains faint! Sometimes she gets hurt, but she always has her trusty sidekick, Super-Duper Bopper! He is strong. Very, very strong!! They are a great team.

They were preparing for vacation when all of a sudden, out of the blue moon... the phone rang. RING,RING,RING. It was the mayor. He said, "Come quick! Evil Yolk Man is attacking. He is stealing eggs and you know we are famous for them!"

"Come on Bopper. Let's go get Evil Yolk Man," said Becky. They went to their lab and got their suits on and Becky (you know what she did?)... she transformed into a butterfly! They went off into town. People were yelling, "Egg stealer. Egg stealer!"

Becky and Bopper said, "Stop right now!"

"No. So... come and get me," he said in an evil, giggling voice.

"Hey Bopper. I am going to fly over in front of his face and smile my pretty smile." She did. He fainted right away. "Good," Bopper whispered to Becky. "Go pick him up," said Becky. We'll save him for a few weeks until the New Yolk City Festival. We can put him in the biggest egg contest. "I'm sure we'll win," said Becky. "Yes, we will," said Bopper.  hen they went home.

They had eggs for breakfast the next morning.

They waited and waited and waited. Finally it was the day. They got to the contest at 7 o'clock in the morning. They won. That's the story of Yolk Man.

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