Sarah's Stars

Wendy & Richard Pini. Elf Quest: The Grand Quest
D.C. Comics  $13.50  ISBN 1-4012-0506-2  220 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

Four elfin tribes unite, once separated thousands of years ago. Now they have adapted to different terrains and habitats. The home of The Gliders has collapsed and is gone, reuniting all four groups. All is good and quiet again in the Holt.

Leetah and Cutter are proud parents of twin children, Ember and Suntop. In this book Suntop is tormented by screams and cries for help-in his head. When no one else can hear the plaintive, what can he do? Their close friend Rayek is power hungry and everything is going wrong again. Rayek has banished The Go-backs that are one of the tribes within the four, using his mind powers. Possibly killing his once love mate Kahvi and others in the process, creating a permanent rift in the tribes.

Illustriously, this novel was brought to me. Almost off the pages, bouncing to me in lively emotions, accompanied with tears and sorrow. The features in each characterís face were expressed exactly how I would suspect a real persons would be. The plot was easy enough for me to understand, considering it explained what happened in the first nine books at the beginning. It is a very complex plot that has many parts played. Despite some of the more stubborn personalities, it is a tale that takes to heart and to mind. The text alone is difficult, but with the added range of art, it adds to the effect. No matter which feeling it took on. It pulled through fully and made me smile, laugh and glare at the page.

I would recommend this book for thirteen year olds and up. Just considering the profanity in the comic at times. This book was great. It is something to read if you are adventurous and like to figure out entire epilogues, go to the nearest store or library! Itís something you wonít want to miss.

Five gold stars! The creators never failed to amaze me at their drawing and writing skills.


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