Flip-Flop Fate
Andrea, Age 11, Bend, OR

One warm summer afternoon I decided I was going to call my closest playmate, Bailey. Bailey lives so close to me I only have to ride my bike for a few seconds before I am at her house! I could even walk to her house she is so close! One reason I went to her house was because I had just got new, pink, two inch high flip-flops made out of strong foam and towel fabric. I wanted to show them to her!

When I got to Bailey’s house, Bailey’s mom had a friend over named Dot and Dot brought her dog over to play with Bailey’s dog, Dax. Bailey and I were having a great time, we played board games, we read joke books, we played on Bailey’s trampoline, and pretty soon we needed to stop and rest. We grabbed a snack and watched T.V while we ate. When we were done we decided to go and jump on the trampoline again.

We were heading over to our shoes when we heard little snarls and yips. When we turned the corner we found Dot’s dog and Dax chewing on my flip-flops!! In my mind I could hear my flip-flops crying, ”Help us Andrea! Help usss!!! Aaaaaauuugghhh!!!” Then the cry got softer and softer as the dogs continued to rip apart the shoes. As we tried to get the shoes away from the dogs everything seemed to be going in slow motion as I saw the life of my favorite shoes being pulled away. When we finally got my shoes away from the dogs it was already too late, my valuable shoes were as shredded as pencil shavings!!!

The dogs were kicked outside but it didn’t help. I didn’t know what to do. How would I get home, I couldn’t ride my bike barefoot!! I decided to play for a while so I would get my problems off my mind and maybe I would have some ideas of how to get home on my bike. We ended up trying to figure out a way for me to get home on my bike and not the car.

It was useless, there was nothing we could do! Just as we were loading into the car Bailey had an idea. Her idea was to “duct tape” the shoes together and I would have enough time to get home. It was a weird idea, but it could work. We taped the shoes together and I got on my bike (Bailey came with me) and we rode off to my house. It worked in the end. I was so happy to ride on my bike with the shoes, but it was the last time. My mom and I tried to restore the shoes, but they were too torn up. So instead I bought new two inch black flip-flops and stayed away from dogs!!

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