Fluffy Gets Lost
Cassandra, Age 11, Lincoln, ME

Fluffy and her owners were walking by a near by garden. Suddenly her leash snaps, and she starts to run.  Fluffy's owners are calling her name, "Fluffy, Fluffy come here girl."  Will they find her before it's too late? Her owners spot her. "Why does she keep running away? Oh no! She's chasing after a bird."

It was starting to get dark. Fluffy was nowhere to be found. Was Fluffy getting cold, hungry, tired and thirsty? No, but she was very frustrated because she couldn't catch that bird. Finally she gave up. She tried to look for a place to sleep, but found nothing to her liking. Shortly after, she realised she was lost in a garden with thorny plants.

Suddenly it starts to rain, and the wind is howling. Fluffy gives up. When out of nowhere, Fluffy's worried owners find her, and sneak up on Fluffy! Fluffy hears a twig snap. Worried she jumps up, and with great surprise sees her owners standing over her.

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