Mr. Funnysuckles
Sylvie, Age 12, California, USA

Once upon a time there was a little stuffed rabbit named Mr. Funnysuckles. The human family that he lived with moved away and left him by accident in their house. A new family moved in. They had a little boy named Donald who had metal toys who were mean to Mr. Funnysuckles. The leader of the metal toys was Big Jack the Jack-in-a-box. He picked on Mr. Funnysuckles the most of all.

Only one of the toys that liked Mr. Funnysuckles. Her name was Janet. She was a little doll with a purple dress and stringy orange hair. She coaxed Mr. Funnysuckles when Big Jack made fun of him. Janet and Mr. Funnysuckles planned an escape. Just as they planned to get out of the window, the evil maid spotted them." Ah! You're those little toys that Donald wants to throw away!" she shouted under her raspy breath. The two  stuffed toys tried to get away, but the maid held on to them. "The only place left for you is the fireplace!" cried the maid as she placed them in a sack in the fireplace.

"My, is it hot in here" said Janet.

"Let's get out of here or we'll be burnt to the crisp!" shouted Mr. Funnysuckles as both of them jumped out of the fireplace and ran for it.

"Ow, my tail!" said Mr. Funnysuckles. His tail was partly burnt, but it still was fully functional. They hopped all the way to an old tailor's house.

"Ah, well look at that!" the tailor exclaimed while opening the front door and tickling his beard." Two little toys that I can give to my little grandchild!" The old man cleaned up Mr. Funnysuckles and Janet, fixed Mr. Funnysuckles's tail and gave them to a little girl who thanked her grandpa dearly. "Thank you, Grandpa!" exclaimed the little girl. "Now I have more stuffed animals to play tea-party with!" Then she put the two stuffed  toys in her room and went to sleep, since it was way past the her bedtime.

"Goodnight, sweetheart" said her grandpa and her grandma who came out of the kitchen.

Mr. Funnysuckles smiled and said to best friend "You know, Janet, I think I'm going to like this  kind of living." Janet looked back at him and replied. "You know, me too." Then they both went to sleep.

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