Sarah's Stars

FUJII Mihona. GALS! Vol.1
CMX  $15.25  ISBN 1-4012-0550-X  198 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

They call them kogals, and they call her Kotobuki Ran. Kogals are trend- setting and trend-following girls that search for each new accessory and style. This takes place in downtown Tokyo, in trendy Shibuya. Ran is a kogal and along with her gal pals, they are out to catch villains invading their territory. They have to protect what is theirs, and that is Shibuya. Having a family of policemen helps her cope with the fistfights and school regulation rebellions.

Ran is the kind of character that makes a permanent imprint on you either using her personality, or her fist. She is an outspoken and vigilant young girl of sixteen. I do not know anything about being that age, but the demonstration of teenage emotion in both image and script gave me a little taste of what it may be like. The constant giggles, in between each story is something to look forward to. The authorís intentions come across in the sly attitudes of the characters. The writing and the pictures come across, to me, as a good drama and humour. Even though this could be different for someone else. A book like this gives you something to read that is amusing as well as accurate. What more could a reader want? Oh yes. There is action-a lot of it. It comes at you in the very first page, a violent and encouraging start to the beginning of the novel.

I would recommend this for very mature twelve year olds and up. It is difficult to go any lower than that. This book covered quite a few mature topics, with some tucked away. Youíd be amazed at how many make up the great plot.

Four beautiful stars for Gals! It was a new experience for me. Although it was a good book, I am just not the girly type. The pink, and the wanting to keep up with fashion trends, just isnít my forte.


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