My Friend Grace
Hailey, Age 11, Chilliwack, BC

There are two things you don't want to be in grade four: tall and developed. My friend Grace was both.

I saw a tall girl standing with another girl, and that's all I saw. As I started talking to her, I realized she wasn't just that- a tall Korean- she was a good friend, and she became one of my best. Sure, she had faults, just like anyone, but she also had pros. She was an artist and pro player at a certain online game that we all played.

What attracted me to Grace was her loudness. You would be too, anyone would be. I soon found out Grace was creative, loud, and spunky and didn't care about what other people thought. This caused her to tell everything that I told her, to everyone, but it all helped me to come out of my shy shell.

She decided to go to French Immersion, with some other of my friends, but we update each other by email and MSN. I’ve seen her three times since then, once when I went to her school when I had the day off, once when she came to mine when she had the day off and once at my school’s science fair, which she enjoyed a lot.

We’ve had our fights just like anyone, but we’re now over the immaturity and pettiness of the fights. Underneath it all Grace is good, even though she intimidates people who don’t know her. I know she’ll do great in life.  She helped me and she’s a great friend. Her personality will lead her through everything and she’ll surface on top. She could become a lot of things, a lawyer (she can argue tremendously) a politician (people would love her) an artist (she’s the best), a columnist writer (she’s so humorous) or a singer.

Grace. She’s a good friend and person. I feel bad for the people who aren’t her friends, purely because they judged the loud 5 foot four inch girl. I did too, at first, but then I really got to know her and saw a bold and fun person. She wouldn’t feel bad for those who judged her so I won’t either. But truly, all those people really missed out on something good, so get to know someone before you judge, because they could be just like...

My Friend Grace.

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