The Great Chocolate Key
Donovan, Age 7, Chengdu, China

Once there was a boy who was very poor. He could not buy many things. He did not have many friends.  One day after school he found five dollars. He went to his only friend who was also poor. His friend was so glad. Later they went to the candy shop, bought some candy and went home. They ran home with excitement. When he got home he saw his parents and he said, “Look what I found on the road.” His parents said, “Wow, Bill, a three dollar bill.”

“It used to be five,” said Bill. “Me and Rob bought some candy. I’m giving the rest to you,” said Bill.

“Why thank you,” said his parents. The next day after school, he played with Rob. Later he also found some money. He found only one dollar. He was still happy. One dollar is still enough to buy some candy from the candy shop. Bill asked if he could have some and Rob said yes. He gave 50 cents to him. Bill saved his but Rob went to the store. Rob said, “Aren’t you coming?” Bill said, “Sure, but I won’t spend anything.” Bill was happy for he had 5 dollars in his bank. So they went to the candy shop. Rob bought a Double Decker chocolate bar. Bill was satisfied with his friend Rob.  o he went home after that and put 50 cents in his bank. He’d been waiting for this day he had 5 dollars. He got his bank and he planned on going tomorrow to the candy shop.

The next morning it was Saturday so right when he got up he ran to his bank. He went to the candy hop and he finally bought a humongous gumball machine. He chewed on one gumball and went home. This was the happiest day of his life. A whole gumball machine was his. He would chew on one gumball every day. He gave two gumballs to his friend Rob. Rob said thank you and left because this happened so quickly. Bill ran as fast as he could out the door and yelled, “Rob, want to play?” But Rob was already out of sight. Bill was so sad. He had planned to play with him. The next morning, he found a chocolate key. He cracked it in half then suddenly a message popped out. It said a check for 1,000 dollars but it also said that there are more chocolate keys. He told Rob this mysterious thing. Rob also found one. They kept them. They found more but instead they put clues everywhere to give the world a chance to find them because they were already rich. They told their mom of how this happened. His mom was amazed and lived happily ever after. 

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