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J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit (Graphic Novel)
Grafton Books   $19.95  ISBN 0-261-10266-4  134 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

Teatime is at four o’clock sharp in the little hobbit hole. Proudly owned by Bilbo Baggins. The small, rather plump, hobbit is readying him self for a nice cup of tea, when at the door there is a ding-a-dinging of the bell. Before Bilbo can have a say, thirteen dwarves are trudging into his home, lead in by the wizard named Gandalf. In all the hustle and bustle of fifteen people crammed in a small hobbit hole, Bilbo overhears that he is to be traveling with this crew of strangers, in search of the stolen dwarf’s treasure. His world is crudely thrown upside down. Encounters with other creatures and races of people are not unusual, counting goblins, elves and the cruel dragon Smaug.

Now I feel embarrassed to say that this is the first time I have ever read The Hobbit.  I realize I should have gotten around to reading it sooner! This graphic novel is a dazzling new addition to the original book. The colourful pictures, page by page, are something to admire. But, the text, now that is something else. The creative way Charles Dixon has adapted Tolkien’s story and his words onto the pages is excellent. The action-filled adventures of Bilbo Baggins are written with humour as well as sadness and anger. It really brings the emotion from the Graphic Novel to the reader. The other characters come in nicely and give the storyline twists and turns you don’t expect. The illustrations (by David Wenzel) and the writing are like a kind of puzzle. If they do not match, they do not make a good plot. It doesn’t make sense if you don’t find the pieces that go together in the places they are meant to be. That is why I am proud to say that it’s five out of five for this book! Its good quality, what more do I need to say?


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