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Jay Hosler. Clan Apis and The Sandwalk Adventures
Active Synapse  $23.00  ISBN 0-9677255-0-X / 0-9677255-1-8
 146 / 158 pg.

Reviewed by Michaela, Age 12

Jay Hosler is a great cartoonist who has been a six-time nominee for the Eisner award. He has won the Xeric award with the stories Clan Apis and The Sandwalk Adventures. He has also had his comics put in Science, The New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Booklist, The London Times Higher Education Supplement, Discovery Magazines, The New Scientist, Sceptical Inquirer, and the Association for Women in Science Magazine, and The Comics Journal

Clan Apis is the Xeric Award-winning biography about a bee named Nyuki who weaves the wonders of a honeybee’s history and biology into a heart-warming story. Sandwalk Adventures is a story about a follicle mite named Mara who lives in Charles Darwin’s left eyebrow. Mara is trying to figure out how the world was formed. For her to figure that out, she goes up to the top of one of Charles Darwin’s eyebrow hairs to ask Charles some questions. She goes through stories about killer zits, extinct monsters, and interplanetary beetles. The book also has 25 pages of historical and scientific annotations.

I would say that Jay Hosler is one of the best children’s cartoonists I have ever heard of! He is also a biologist. He has been awarded a PhD from Juniata College. At Juniata he was an assistant Professor in Biology.

I’m pretty sure that most people would agree with me that Jay Hosler is a wonderful storywriter and an excellent biologist. His books would be more suitable for ages 8 to 14 because readers older than 14 might think that these comic books are for smaller kids, and readers younger than 8 wouldn’t find how the earth evolved very interesting. His books Clan Apis and The Sandwalk Adventures would DEFINETLY get five stars for both humour and biology! 


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