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Scott Lobdell & Daniel Rendon. The Hardy Boys: Mad House
Papercutz  $10.95  ISBN 1-59707-010-6  82 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 11

When Frank and Joe Hardy, two top A.T.A.C. (American Teens Against Crime) detectives, get home from completing the latest case, they almost immediately are sent on another one. This time, they travel to the Mad House, a reality TV show that gives people the chance to win twenty-five thousand dollars. As soon as the Hardy boys get there, accidents start happening at an alarming rate. As the tension grows between the contestants, they start breaking the rules. The first accident, on the archery range, someone is almost killed by an arrow shot from someone on the roof. The next accident, when the barn starts on fire, confirms the fact that someone is purposely trying to hurt the contestants. What will happen??

The graphic novel Mad House was written by Scott Lobdell, with drawings by artist Daniel Rendon. It has eighty-two pages of beautifully illustrated frames, plus a six-page special advance preview of The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel  #4 Malled. It is a full color graphic novel (comic book), making it more detailed than the normal black and white one. I would recommend Mad House to absolutely everyone because it was both exciting, and also small enough to read in a fairly short time. One reason that I liked this book is because no matter how many times I read it, it never seemed to get boring. One more reason that I liked this book is that the main characters seem to me to be fairly realistic, which doesn’t happen very often in comics. Another thing that I liked about this book is that it was suspenseful all the way through the whole book.

I give Mad House 4 stars.


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