Protecting Our Freedom While Preserving Our Environment
Kourtney, Age 11, Charleston, SC

Loved ones are in war fighting Iraq and for that they deserve a plaque.
They sleep in tents and thatís the way their night is spent.
They end up in the hospital sore, and that is because of the war.
When it comes to war, they are the people to call.
They hide in corners and hide behind walls.
The soldiers work all day and as soon as you know it is May.
They never turn their back, just in case Iraq makes a move and tries to attack.
If I shall die, you will be thinking of me, thank goodness that I am free.
When you know something new that means I am here with you.
When you help the environment you take care of the trees and me.
We should protect anything around us including friends and families.
When it comes to the environment and our freedom,
cleaning is the best way to keep the environment safe and neat.
God bless America, families, and especially loved ones.
God bless the soldiers in war.

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