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Emmanuel Guibert & Joann Sfar. Sardine in Outer Space
First Second  $17.95  ISBN 1-59643-126-1  122 pg.
Reviewed by Whitney, Age 12

“Talk, Yellow Shoulder!”
“I prefer to scream!”
“Give him another kiss, space leech!”
“No, No, No…”
“Are you ready to talk?”

Sardine in Outer Space is a funny book about a girl named Sardine and her Uncle, Captain Yellow Shoulder. During their space travels aboard the ship Huckleberry, they come across space creatures, traps and evil villains, namely, Supermuscleman and Doc Krok. With the help of some friends, will Sardine and Yellow Shoulder save the universe from evil forces?

Emmanuel Guibert and Joann Sfar are the brilliant writer/artist duo of Sardine in Outer Space. These brilliant illustrations make the book all the better. Guibert and Sfar are excellent comic authors from France. They take turns writing scripts and drawing pictures and have produced a number of Graphic novels such as, The Professor’s Daughter, The Black Olives series, and Sardine in Outer Space.

Having read this book I have a newfound respect for graphic novel writers. These books take a lot of time, patience and skills. The illustrations make it way easier to understand what is going on, because there are little words. Also, they are really fun to read. I think that this book is really for younger kids but for some reason I really liked it! It is kind of a ridiculous funny, if you know what I mean. But if you are into stuff like Napoleon Dynamite, you will really like this book.

I give this graphic novel, Sardine in Outer Space, 4 out of 5 stars.


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