School Time!
Hunter, Age 9, Oakville, ON

When I opened the school door, I could not believe my eyes. There was blood all over the floor. And to make things worse, there was a hand floating in it. Ryan and I stepped carefully around it. We started walking down the hall. I looked back. The blood was still there, but instead of a hand, a zombie was walking and moaning toward us. We ran! When I turned the corner, I looked back. The zombie looked like our French teacher. When I looked back around the corner, there was nobody there, not even my friend! I heard a faint cry "HELP". I ran towards the sound. I got there just in time to grab his foot and drag him up the hall. I said "What happened?!" At the time, I didn't notice that his eyes were yellow because they were closed. But I did notice that his fingers were grey. "Big ghost" he moaned. I was shocked. He had just stood up and moaned when I ran. "He must be a zombie" I thought. I ran into my classroom. "Oh no" I whispered. There were zombies coming down the hall toward me. I jumped through the window of my classroom and ran home. "I'll tell this to my parents" I thought, "they'll understand." But when I got there the door was hanging on its hinges. "NO" I yelled. I rushed inside. "Aah" I yelled as I bumped into a zombie. Suddenly, my other friend, Frank jumped out from behind a couch. Then he sprayed the zombie with some sort of juice. The zombie fell asleep.

"Thanks" I said.

"No problem" Frank chuckled, "we better go back to the school so we can get rid of the rest of them."

"Oh great" I mumbled. We headed back to the school.

"On the count of three, kick open the door," he said. "One... two... three" Bam! I kicked open the door. Inside all the zombies walked toward us. He sprayed them with juice. Suddenly, two black figures picked us up. "I guess this is the end, old pal." I said. "It's not over yet," Frank said bravely. "Close your eyes" he said. I closed them. When I opened them I was lying in my bed. It was all a dream!

When I got to school and I opened the doors, there was blood all over the floor. "Oh great" I moaned, "here we go again!"

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