They Are Not a Worthless Piece of Junk
Jenna, Age 11, Bend, OR

So thatís what I look like! Iím as white as snow, and look at those bright blue strips on my sides! Iím so glad someone tried me on in front of a mirror. Oh, sorry I forgot, I am Tie, and I am a brand new, pair of size two, ďNikeĒ sneakers, I live in a shoe department.

I have lots of friends here but my best friend is Zip,  a size three, green shoe, with a silver zipper in front. Since we sit together on the shelf we know each other pretty well. But we wonít be on the same shelf for long.

The girl who tried me on is buying me! Her car is my favorite color, blue, and so is her house. She lives only one block away, so I can visit Zip at the store!
One week later.

She hasnít taken me off her stinky little feet yet!! She wears me to school, in the shower, to soccer (she doesnít wear cleats) to bed, even swimming!

Now itís been at least two years and she hasnít taken me off yet. Luckily I am starting to wear out, so she wonít be able to wear me for much longer. I have frayed laces, no more bright blue strips. Her mom keeps telling the girl that I am ďa worthless piece of junkĒ but she argues that Iím not.

Yesterday the girlís mom convinced her to get new shoes! The girl thinks her new shoes are perfect. They are black with stripes and laces the color of a ripe orange. I was getting too small for her so she got a size four, and I was a size two. They are also running shoes, and their long orange laces have black tips. She likes her new shoes a lot, but she likes me too much to get rid of me.

Today, while the girl was at school, her mom took me to a store for used things called ďGood WillĒ. Now I sit with a pair of black, size two and a half, boots named Hike on one side. On the other side is Zip! His zipper is broken, and his green is almost white but he is still my best friend.

All three of us have been sitting on the shelf for about two months. Oh, here comes a little girl, Iíd say about a size two or three. Sheís buying all of us! Her car my least favorite color, black. Her house is green, and she lives a mile away. Since she has all of us she wonít wear us very often. This will be perfect!

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