Trojan Horse
Kailey, Age 13, Ashland, OR

You are the apple of my eyes as I ride my Trojan horse through a field of dreams and out the door of a blue sun and onto the red sky streaked with bullets. bullets, in this unfair world.

Trojan horse, my white beautiful Trojan horse, don't go in the night, don't leave me here tonight in the deep blue. I will cover you, hide you from from this light. Rise above to a better place, over a bridge of rainbows into a field of green grass. The light won't save these eyes' tears from darkness, only my Trojan horse that comes with the grace of an Arabian. Legs of steel for running, wings of love to carry his soul. Best of all my Trojan horse, with a glass heart to hold me in. A heart flying with birds of love. I know, I know, Trojan horse, you'll always be with me.

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