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Don McGregor and Sidney Lima.  Zorro, Vol. 2: Drownings!
Papercutz  $10.95  ISBN 1-59707-018-1  84 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 12

You and I … we’re not finished, just yet! Oh, and hey! Just so you know! I brought your dear old mom with me! Rudy’s with me, too! The odds are against you!

This graphic novel, Drownings!, was written by Don McGregor, with the illustrations done by Sidney Lima. Drownings! is the second novel in the series of Zorro.

This novel is primarily about Zorro and his partner helping a couple fleeing from a murderer.  Dennis, the murderer, sets out to abuse a young woman, whom he used to have a relationship with and attempts to kill her true love. The couple meets up with an old friend who helps them try to escape the evil clutches of Dennis.  Zorro tries his best to save the lives of three innocent people.

I would rate this graphic novel with 2 stars.  The facial illustrations sometimes are incomplete and the storyline a little hard to follow. A child of 7 to 10 years of age may enjoy reading this book.


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