Sarah's Stars

Jay Hosler. The Sandwalk Adventures
Active Synapse  US$20.00  ISBN 0-9677255-1-8  128  pg.

Reviewed by Mathew, Age 11

When he first hears voices, Darwin thinks that he is going mad. Follicle mites are living in his left eyebrow, however, and one called Mara seems to be able to talk to him. In doing so, she also revealed her family‚s existence, stating that they had been there for about fifty-eight years, or about 350 2-month follicle mite generations, as she likes to call them. In their minds, the follicle mites have stories about how the world came to exist, passed down from generation to generation. Darwin, however, sets them straight and proves that there never was a young god named Flycatcher that brought up the seven seas from his mouth, or took a fiber from a mother mite, and one from a father mite, and then sewed them together to create their baby mite.

Jay Hosler wrote The Sandwalk Adventures. It is a black and white graphic novel (comic book), with frames that are completely related to the text and help you to imagine just what it would be like to face the same feelings or problems that the main character overcame. What I enjoyed most about this book; is that it was humorous, yet it still taught you something.

I would recommend this book for anyone over ten, because most of the subjects are quite hard to grasp and understand. I would also recommend reading this twice, because the first time I read it, I had absolutely no clue whatsoever what the follicle mites were, or even what any part of the story line was about. Once I understood this all, I remembered that stories, when repeated often, usually changes a little bit each repetition.

I give The Sandwalk Adventures 3.5 stars.


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