Sarah's Stars

Kouyu Shurei. Alichino
Tokyopop  $13.99  ISBN 159532478X  143 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

An Alichino is an amazing creature. There is still some lurking around.  One may even be at your side this very moment, simply waiting for that moment. That moment when you wish for something so badly, that it will appear and grant you that wish. The only catch is, if you want your wish granted, you will have to give up your soul.

In this first graphic novel about Alichino, the main character is Tsugiri. He is an odd person; he has a strangely handsome appearance about him that cannot be explained. A mysterious girl is searching for her wish to be granted. Her brother is dying and all she wants is for him to live. She mistakes Tsugiri for an Alichino, but he is not, as she soon finds out. Yet it seems he knows a lot more about them than the average mortal. Adventure, and discovery await the two, as they are slowly drawn inwards to the world of Alichino.

The characters in this book are amazingly portrayed! They are beautiful, and that is an understatement. They give off such a gorgeous aura about them, that you can hardly take your eyes off the page. I loved each and every aspect of the story line, the drawing only added to the awesome effect. I would recommend this book to twelve year-olds and up. It is a great graphic novel, and you should really give it a chance. I love a good graphic novel, and this one is one of them.

Five golden stars! I adored this novel, it had a great affect on me, and I am sure it will do the same for you.


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