Beside You in Flames
Danielle, Age 14, Bloomfield, NJ

It was dark
I was scared
I didn't know where to turn

Then...a light
I saw it at a distance
I watched as the flame grew and grew

I tilted my head
I walked toward the light
I barely breathed

I gasped
A face was forming
Your face

I reached for your face
I lightly felt your cheek
I smiled as you took my hand

You held onto my hand tightly
I felt my body move forward
I was beside you in the flames

I took a better look at your face
I was startled by your eyes
You smirked at me

You let go of my hand
I felt your arm about my waist
I let you pull me forward

I turned my gaze away from you
I looked about our forms
The scenery was strange

There was fire
The fire consumed us
All I felt was you

I leaned against your body
I felt you hold me tighter
I closed my eyes

You tapped my lips with yours
I turned my body to face you
I will stay forever...Beside you in flames

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