Sarah's Stars

Holly Bennett. The Bonemender
Orca  $9.95  ISBN 1-55143-336-2  203 pg.

Reviewed by Veronica, Age 12

Twenty-seven year old Gabrielle is a bonemender (a healer) of extraordinary talent and is of the Royal Family of Verdeau. One day her skill is tested when a seriously wounded elf is brought to the castle. Now, its rare the elves come out of their secluded forest dwellings, so when they do its for a good reason. Feolan and his wounded friend are Elvin scouts and while they were doing just that, they came across an enemy scout party from over the mountains. When they get to the castle, Feolan tells King Jerome about it and they start planning for war. As this is all going on, Gabrielle and Feolan fall in love, and that love is put to the test when the battle to maintain freedom begins.

This was a really good book. Holly Bennett put this novel together really well and she wrote a book about a subject that I really like to read, fantasy. The Bonemender kept me glued to the pages and there are some secrets that made me go, I knew it! when they were finally revealed. In my opinion, this book is more directed to people aged 9 to 16. Also, I liked the way this book created clear images in my mind.

I really liked this book, so I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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