Sarah's Stars

Jay Hosler. Clan Apis
Active Synapse  $23.00  ISBN 0-9677255-0-X  150 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 15

Imagine a world where flowers are giants and trees are monstrous caverns.
Life is one big pattern, never changing more than a whisper here and there,
before it is the same again. This is the life of the bee, and in this
story, of one little bee in particular.

The story begins with Nyuki as a larva, and follows her throughout her life
as part of the clan. She is an inquisitive bee, more than the others, and
questions everything in her newfound life. The other bees find her incredibly bothersome, but as she grows, Nyuki learns more and more about the
strange and dangerous world she lives in.

I thought that Clan Apis was a very good graphic novel. The pictures
and captions fit well, but occasionally I had to read a page twice to get
the order of the caption, etc. correct. I liked the art, and enjoyed the
different aspects of bees during their life stages. This book would be an
excellent read for a class studying bees, since it definitely leans in the
informative direction. I learned more than I ever expected to, and the next
time I saw a bee, it all came flooding back!

I thought that this book was well written and thought out. It is very
difficult to capture a story like this and the information in such a way
that it doesn't read as a documentary. Four stars because of the occasional
difficulty in reading.


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