Sarah's Stars

Jay Hosler. Clan Apis
Active Synapse  $23.00  ISBN 0-9677255-0-X  150 pg.
Reviewed by Me
lissa, Age 13

Learning. Have you always thought the words ‘Learning can be fun!’ are overused? Well, I am sorry to tell you that I am using them again.  Clan Apis is a great way of finding out true facts on the everyday Honey Bee. The information is well hidden inside the text of this comic-style story.

It’s another day in the hive, as Hosler tells the life story of a bee - through the eyes of one named Nyuki. It starts out with Nyuki as a young larva. Her loving sister Dvorah is older and helps her along. Once Nyuki is grown into a full bee, she gets lost in the wilderness, makes new friends, and nearly gets killed. When tragedy strikes, will she be able to find her way through this life?

The story is creatively brought to me, as a historical yet humorous tale. It ambles along with just the right amount of each emotion, keeping me reading along. I hardly realized that I was being educated along the way. Nyuki’s adventures are very well drawn, and I would stare at one page alone, for five minutes at a time, trying to read any little comments in the background, or attempting to spot any small caption I may have missed. It defiantly keeps you attentive, and I would recommend this book for nine years and up. It is a good read, and I absolutely loved it! The imagination that was applied did a lot for me, and inspired me to keep up with my writing. It also reminded me to never be afraid. Its little life lessons are tucked away just like the factual information.

Five out of five! This book got to me, and I got a little attached to the talking flower and beetle engaged with Nyuki. The characters were spontaneous and all were different. With the same characteristics of a younger-older sibling scenario, this is what made me smile.


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