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Maxine Trottier. The Death of My Country
Scholastic  $14.99  ISBN 0-439-96762-7  208 pg.

Reviewed by
Emma, Age 13

Le 8 avril 1759

I have two names. The people here at the town of Quebec know me as Mademoiselle Genevieve Abuchon, for I was baptized so. However, the name given to me by my birth mother is "Miguen," which means, "feather." I remember how important it is for me to remain Alnanbal in my heart - Abenaki, as the French call us...

Genevieve is an Abenaki girl who has been adopted into the French-Canadian community of Quebec City. She writes in her diary daily, and complains of her ordinary life, telling occasional stories of her past and giving the news as she hears it. But as rumors of war fill more and more heads, Genevieve becomes worried that her previously disappointing life may just get exciting after all...

The Death of My Country is part of a series of fictional Canadian girls' diaries, written by different authors, but all included in the Dear Canada collection. All of these books are full of information about the historical Canadian events that act as a backdrop for the novels. I recommend the Dear Canada series to kids grade 4-7. Read them in the right mood.

The Death of My Country was an enchanting story of war, friendship, and loss, though the characters, including Genevieve, were somewhat dull and flat. Genevieve is very emotional, but in a refined sort of way, and though she captures your attention long enough to tell her story, I can only imagine it would be more interesting from someone else's point of view. This is a nice story, but might be better off if shorter, or with a little less information stuffed into it.

This reviewer gives The Death of My Country three stars.


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