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Lesley Choyce. Deconstructing Dylan
Dundurn  $12.99  ISBN 978-1-55002-603-0  174 pg.

Reviewed by
Jordan, Age 12

Dylan is 16 and he knows there is something wrong with him; we just canít grasp it. Itís the year 2014, and a new girl comes. Dylan is instantly in love. Her name is Robyn, and she is equally confused as Dylan. Dylan soon starts having nightmares of his past that he does not remember, but deep inside him he knows that they are real. He and Robyn research the mystery of Dylanís past, and find a shocking discovery.

Lesley Choyce is the author of Deconstructing Dylan, and has written over 50 young adult fiction, non-fiction, and poetry books, winning countless awards, such as the CLA Young Adult Canadian Book Award. He lives in Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia. His most recent novel was Shoulder in the Sky, which won the Ann Connor Brimer Award. He has written books like Smoke and Mirrors, and Sea of Tranquility.

His writing is fantastic. I loved Deconstructing Dylan, even though itís more for an older age group, it was an awesome book nonetheless. I recommend it to ages 14+, because of the language, and some of the content younger kids may not understand. It is a very intense book; I couldnít stop reading. The storyline is genius, a true masterpiece. Deconstructing Dylan not only is a great story, but especially with teens, it has a message. No matter how things get messed up, things can get better. For example, you may think youíre different, that there is something wrong with you, just like with Dylan. You can relate yourself to the characters. When he finds out whatís wrong with him, itís pretty huge. I canít tell you what it is, that would just ruin the suspense. But things get better, the problem doesnít get solved, but he manages it and goes on with his life. I see Iím running out of room here, so Iíll wrap it up.

I give Lesley Choyceís Deconstructing Dylan 5 out of 5 stars!


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