Elmo's Story
MaryEllen, Age 14, Oxford, OH

Once upon a time there were two kittens named Elmo and Chester. Elmo was a cute black and white tabby cat. Elmo was outgoing and energetic. His friend Chester was a male calico. Chester on the other hand was a shy cat and had self-esteem issues mainly because he was mute. They were both skinny cats. This is Elmo’s story.

One night when it was raining in a shack where Elmo and Chester lived, there was a hole in the roof. Their owners had abandoned them and had left them to die. Not wanting to go out into the rain just yet, Elmo devised a plan. His plan was to go and find an owner. The one owner that would care for them until it was their time to rest in peace.

There was just one problem with this plan, all of the owners in town hated both of them. This was because they both ate the children's chicks and bunnies. He could not help this. He needed to eat and there were bigger, meaner cats like Hollow and his gang who ate all of the mice, moles, and birds. They both needed to get out of the town.

The next day he saw that the rain was now gone. There were puddles everywhere. The whole shack that he had once called home was drenched. Once Chester and Elmo started to walk out of the wet shack, Chester remained quiet for a long rime. Then once they reached the boundaries of town, Elmo saw the evil cats.

“Hey, Elmo!  Where do you and your friend think you are goin’? Hollow asked with a smirk.

“Both Chester and I are going to find a new home, thank you,” Elmo said back.

At this remark Hollow and his buddies laughed.  “Who would want you guys? You eat all of the cute harmless animals and your friend here doesn't talk and if he weren't walking everyone would think he’s dead.”

Before Elmo could say anything back there was a honk behind him. When he looked back he saw a vehicle. All of the cats deserted but Elmo and Chester. They didn’t have time to run away. Out of the car came a mean looking lady with a hairy mole on her face. She came out and grabbed both of the kittens by their necks and hurled them into the car. The car started to move. A while later the car stopped and the lady came out and put then into separate cages. The day became night and the food was disgusting. The animals there were not the nicest, but one cat said that if one animal was taken none of us would ever see that animal again. This went on for two days. One morning when Chester woke up and found a banner on the wall with the letters “ADOPTION!” There were people everywhere.

There was a little girl with her father holding Chester. Chester was scared and mewing. As the girl left the room with Chester, Elmo felt a heavy heart. He knew that he would never see his best friend again. To this day Elmo regrets leaving the shack because he has never seen his best friend.

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