Sarah's Stars

Tony Abbott. Fire Girl
Little, Brown & Co  $21.99  ISBN 0-316-01463-X 145 pg.

Reviewed by Evany, Age 12

Jessica has been burned. Badly…

Tom’s life changes as soon as he lays eyes on Jessica. She has been horrifically burned in a terrible house fire. Will Tom be strong enough to help draw her out of her shell?

Fire Girl is an extremely powerful novel. Tony Abbott truly understands 12-year-old kids, and all our feelings, beliefs and emotions. Tom’s grade 7 class is chock full of all the unique types of people with entirely different thoughts and opinions, though they are all directed at Jessica. This book is so well written, you make vivid pictures in your mind, from what Jessica’s burns look like to Jeff’s uncle’s crimson Cobra. After you read Fire Girl, you really understand that people who look different still have the same feelings you do, and even the smallest gestures can have an enormous impact on their lives.

I think this novel would be an awesome class book report subject, and it is great for anyone from 8 or 9 years and up. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5, because it was not as exciting as most of the books I like.


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