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John Wilson. The Flags of War
Kids Can Press  $16.95  ISBN 1-55337-567-X  166 pg.

Reviewed by Whitney, Age 13

The heavy black cannonball bounced twice over the spongy mat of heather before decapitating the man to Rory McGregor’s left. Rory glanced down at the shattered, bloodstained pile that moments before had been a living human being. He had a vague impression of an unkempt, unwashed scarecrow dressed in tartan rags, but that could have described any of the five thousand Highlanders gathered on Culloden Moor that Wednesday afternoon.

The year is 1860 and Walt McGregor had a normal boring life on a farm until one day a stranger arrives on his doorstep and changes everything. Meanwhile Walt’s cousin, Nate, lives in South Carolina, and seeing as a war is about to start, Nate feels that he has to fight. Walt and Nate have never met, in fact they don’t even know that the other exists! Will something or someone ever bring them together?

The Flags of War was written by John Wilson. Wilson lives on Vancouver Island and his favourite type of book to write is historical fiction. He has written many books including Flames of the Tiger, And in the Morning, and Battle Scars – the sequel to The Flags of War. I have heard him talk about all those books and the way he puts them, and the way others who have read them put it, they sound really great.

I really enjoyed this book. But I kind of stereotyped it in the beginning. I thought, oh this is a historical fiction book; it’s not my type of book so I won’t like it. But I really loved it! Especially the descriptive writing, like the one at the top of this review! I have yet to read the sequel to this!

This book was really good and I would gladly read it again. I give The Flags of War five stars.


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