Four Seasons
Nooralain, Age 13, London, England

Summer blooms breeze through the sky,
The gorgeous scent of coloured flowers drift by.
Honey bees suck the sweet taste of nectar as hot rays strike out of the sun.
Rainbow colours scatter through the trees and skies,
as the young and playful children have grand fun.

The crisp crunch of autumn leaves pile together in a transfusion of dark shades,
The trees stand bold as they shed their assorted leaves and slowly fray
Vague colours of red, orange, yellow and brown,
Skies overcast faces and the vivacity instantly removes all melancholy and frowns.

Snow flakes descend from the blue winter sky,
Frosty breezes cover distances and swiftly fly.
Christmas carols and packaged gifts,
Smiles all around and children’s pleasure uplifts.
Woolly hats and threaded scarves, mitten gloves and snow fights,
Family time in front of the fire, talking blissfully by decorated Christmas lights.
Snowmen and Christmas crackers, puddings and mince pies,
Mellow laughter and appetizing meals surely tantalise.

A new chapter and a fresh start,
A new beginning of all things wonderful to embrace in your heart.
Scrumptious Easter eggs and newly born chicks,
The slate is wiped clean, worries, qualms and sorrows are solved and fixed.
A time for solutions and revelations has to be spring,
Contentment, delight, something lovely to bring.

The four seasons of the year,
Different emotions, thoughts, everything is clear.
The four seasons are all different, truly something to look forward to.

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