Sarah's Stars

Ned Vizzini.  Itís Kind Of A Funny Story
Miramax $22.95  ISBN 0-7868-5196-1  444 pg.

Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

It is hard enough studying for a whole year and then getting into one of the best schools in the state. Executive Pre-Professional High School seems to be the best for fifteen-year old Craig Gilner. Going to Executive Pre-Professional High School gets even better because he is there with his friends. Things are coming along just fine until he finds out that he is only at a 93 grade point average, while the rest of his classmates are much higher. Things start to spin out of control when he stops eating and sleeping. His schoolwork is piling up, and he feels terrible about himself. It turns out that in his growing despair, he is clinically depressed. He is seeing regular doctors for medicine and therapists for counseling. To him, none of this is working. He feels like a failure and just wants it to end. Well, he got close to the end but not close enough. He ended up in a hospital ward that treats patients with mental health difficulties. Craig is learning more and more about the people in the hospital, and is thinking less and less about his friends outside of the safe whitewashed walls.

The way the author wrote this book was amazing. I have never really read a book that was written quite like this one. In its plot, I felt like an actual fifteen-year old was speaking to me, telling me his problems and joys. I read the novelís contents as if I was the only friend he had. Another part I loved, was the humor included in the story. Parts of the story were hilarious. This book takes a look at the problems with depression and drugs. It is hard to accept, but people around my age are going through this trauma.

I would recommend this book for thirteen years and over. One of the reasons I was attracted to this book was because of the language. Some of the things inside are vulgar, and shouldnít be read unless the reader is mature enough to understand the concepts.

Five stars! It was a book and a story that I will not forget. It was heart capturing and laughter always seemed to bubble up inside of me with each new development.


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