Sarah's Stars

Ursula K. Le Guin. Gifts
Harcourt  $9.95  ISBN 0-15-205124-4  286 pg.

Reviewed by
Sarah, Age 15

The uplanders are different sort of people.  They have strange abilities, abilities that frighten and amaze the rest of the land.  They are forced to live in the hills, far away from normal people.  Up there life is extraordinary, and is beyond even the imagination and folklore of the common people. Each family has a unique gift...but none of the gifts are becoming. They are all destructive in their own way.  The worst is the undoing.  Simply a glance and a flick of the wrist and the being is undone.  Be it grass or bug or beast, its very insides are unmade and it shrivels in a painful death.  Orrec is in the family of the Caspro - the family of the undoing.  He is the next heir to the family land, that is, he will be, if his gift would only appear when he commands it...

I thought that Gifts was a very good novel.  I did, however find the plot line somewhat difficult to grasp until well into the book. The first couple pages, or even chapters didnít hook me right away.  I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone under 14 on account of the complicated setting.  It was a very interesting story once I got into it, and I thought the idea was intriguing.  I think, therefore, that this book deserves four stars.


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