The Girl with a Broken Smile
Jennifer, Age 13, Wallaceburg, ON

She's a simple girl,
that just likes to have fun.
But every time she tries,
something gets in the way.

Today's just another day,
she sits crying by the window.
She can't find her way,
her world's falling apart faster than she can put it back together.

The outside world's just a blur,
something almost meaningless.
It's filled with people that don't understand.
She just doesn't belong.

She need s a miracle to make it through.
She's on the verge of breaking down.
and no one understands,
there's no one like her.

She cries for help,
but no one's there to answer her.
She can't take it any more!
Why won't someone save her?

She searches for someone to blame,
but once again there's no one.
She feels empty inside,
she has no friends, no way to pass time, no one to help her.

There's always someone that says it'll be okay,
that they know exactly what it's like.
But they don't know what it's like
to feel lost, to be just about ready to break down and no one's there to save you.

She's tired of letting them down,
but they expect way too much from her.
They're driving her crazy.
They don't care about her dreams.

They only care about themselves,
it's always about them.
What they want, what they think.

She wants to break free,
to follow her dreams.
But they won't let her,
they think she's just wasting her time.

They might think she's happy,
but she's not going to be okay.
She makes mistakes every single day,
and they shove them in her face.

She tried to be prefect.
She tried to be everything that they ever wanted.
But she just couldn't be,
she wasn't being herself.

She just can't get it right.
It's like she's the one,
that everyone loves to hate.
Why does her life have to be a nightmare?

She longs for a friend.
Someone who understands,
someone who cares,
someone who will save her.

Yet that person never comes.
Is it too much to ask?
To want a friend.
To need someone to come save her.

But she's still alone.
She still has no friends.
She still has no life.
She still has no one to answer her cries for help.

You'll see her passing silently through the halls
everyday at school.
Her eyes shut in deep concentration,
blocking out the insults along with the world around her.

She walks with her head down,
tears streaming down her pale cheeks.
But there's one thing that always sets her apart from the rest,
She's the girl with the broken smile.

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