Growing Pains
Nooralain, Age 13, London, England

Being a teenager can be a total nightmare!
Slowly you start to fade from the spotlight and thereís so much more to share.
Younger ones get the attention,
While you sit in the dark growing with tension.
Things start to change drastically,
You have a bundle of responsibilities; you no longer seem to be wild and free.
Parents grow too overprotective,
your sulking and tantrums run through the house,
though its hardly effective.
Everything changes,
Itís all so crazy!
Hectic schedules, tons of homework, discipline rules,
Backbiting friends, pressure which never ends.
Curfew hours, wild rumours, boys growling,
Mom shouting, dad stressing, itís all too much!
So think again before you decide you want to grow up,
Itís not all fun and games like itís all meant to be,
At certain moments youíll want to run and flee!

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