Healthy Food Craze
George, Age 13, Windsor, ON

If you come to my house,
You will probably see
The food I have is bad, you would agree.

There are those disgusting, mushy peas.
Do I have to eat them? Please, no! Please!

There are “yummy” turnips, carrots, too.
I really hate this kind of food.

I’ve got to eat celery, tomatoes of course.
“You have to eat them,” mom says with force.

She says “You’ve got to eat your greens.”
Then give me some pistachio ice cream!

How about Snickers, Kit Kat, Mr. Bigs,
Not apples, limes, banana’s and figs.

Radishes? No! Corn? Oh my!
Broccoli, brussel sprouts, if I’ll eat them, I’ll die.

Why can’t I have chips and cheesies, why?
If I even see zucchini’s, I’ll cry.

A yellow pepper, green pepper, red pepper attack.
If I eat some of these, I’ll have a heart attack.

Can’t you feel some pity for me?
Next time you come over, bring some chocolate, deal?

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