Sarah's Stars

Jen Calonita.  Secrets of My Hollywood Life
Little, Brown & Co  $22.99  ISBN 0-316-15442-3  245 pg.

Reviewed by Evany, Age 12

Doesn’t everyone dream of being a beautiful movie star?

Well, Kaitlin Burke sure doesn’t! Being one of the main characters in a weekly TV show, and being on the top of the list for the hottest young female celebrities in Hollywood is not what Kaitlin calls a holiday. She and her best friend devise a master plan: act as a new British student at a normal high school! She has her disguise, she has her accent, and she even has her mother convinced! But then all the careful planning spirals into chaos, thanks to a jealous co-star and a bejeweled palm pilot.

I absolutely loved this novel! It is one-of–a–kind!  Secrets of My Hollywood Life is an astounding blend of humor, glamour and secret plans. The dynamic and enthralling plot kept me on the edge of my seat ‘til the very last word. As soon as one problem was resolved, another one that was even more exciting popped up, and caused twice the amount of mayhem that the last one did! I lent my copy to a friend, and nothing but compliments came back, along with a plea for another book about Kaitlin’s next adventure.

I give this novel 5 colossal, glittering shooting stars, for an incredible, irresistible and totally enthralling read. I recommend this book for people from 12 years old and up, and I am certain that everyone who reads Secrets of My Hollywood Life will enjoy it immensely.


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