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Jenna Solitaire. Keeper of the Winds
TOR  $9.99  ISBN 0-765-35357-1  236 pg.

Reviewed by Evany, Age 12

Call on me, and I will answer with all the manifestations of the wind…

After the death of her grandfather, Jenna Solitaire is plunged into a gripping adventure full of secrets and danger, revolving around an ancient and mysterious board. Simon, the handsome stranger who has barged into her life, claims that she has power over the Board of the Winds. Is what Simon tells her true? Is she really the Daughter of Destiny?

Keeper of the Winds is one of the most exciting books I have ever read. The fast-paced, riveting plot makes this book nearly impossible to put down. I had to read this book in one session, but the minutes seemed to fly by and at the end, I wished it were a LOT longer! Don’t read Keeper of the Winds at night, or when you’re home alone because even the most commonplace noises seem a lot more sinister, and knocks on the door are absolutely terrifying! Jenna Solitaire is now one of my favourite authors, and I am itching to read the rest of her series.

I give this book 5 huge, exploding, dazzling stars for an amazing, first-rate read, but I recommend it for people 12 and older, because there are a few mature parts.


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