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Amanda Brown Chang. Legally Elle Woods: Blonde at Heart
Hyperion Paperbacks  $6.99  ISBN 0-7868-3843-4  233 pg.

Reviewed by
Darcy, Age 12

The author, Amanda Brown Chang has a major work of art in her hands.  This book is incredible; it has the whole package - great characters and impeccable writing.  There is an array of characters so it is almost impossible to not relate with someone.  This is a really good read.   I would recommend it to girls between the ages of 11 and 15.

Legally Elle Woods…  is mainly about Elle Woods, a Beverly Hills resident, who unlike any other female who resides there, doesn’t care about how she looks. She attempts to make Hunter, her school’s basketball captain, and in her opinion nothing short of perfect, notice her. Elle thinks that if she gets close with Savannah, the head cheerleader and Hunter’s ex, she will capture his attention, but the only way to get close to Savannah is to fix her biggest problem.  Her problem is that the cheerleading squad stinks and they cheer for an awful basketball team.  Will Elle, the girl that is never seen in anything other than baggy sweats and oversized sweaters, be able to make the cheerleading squad go from horrific to terrific?

Legally Elle Woods: Blonde At Heart deserves 5 shimmering stars.


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