Life Without Her
Diane, Age 13, Victoria, BC

I can’t help imagining what life would be like
Without her
Without hearing the constant high pitch voice
Seeing the guys watch her walk past
Hearing their nasty comments on her
Life would be perfect, without her
I know it would be because then
Our friends wouldn’t be sucked into her trap
The guys’ hearts wouldn’t be stolen by a mini-skirt wearing demon
Instead, friends would surround me
Guys would appreciate me more
She’s a wrecker, a stupid C getting girl
She's like one big tornado, swirling and twisting and turning and destroying,
sucking up everyone in her path
Luckily there seems to only some of us who haven't fallen into her path
She's like a drug
Seems to be cool and sweet, until you’re addicted and the effects are fatal
Lashing out on friends and guys forgetting who they really like,
When will the world be free of her?
Life without her would rock
Is there no one who will be spared of her path of destruction?
Or will everyone die in the making?
She’s insecure, trying to make it seem like she has tons of friends,
and tons of guys
Covering up her worries in expensive clothing,
recruiting unknowing people
Is her way of destroying my life,
piece by piece
But why do we care so much,
We care so much because that is then and this is now
And for now, we’re all imagining what life would be
Without her

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