Little Mouse
Kylie, Age 9, Crown Point, IN

Little mouse was very little. A lot of people were mean to him because he had big teeth. He liked reading the words "the end".  He always wandered around the library.

Then suddenly while looking at book he heard a noise. It sounded like sweet music. The mouse counsel, a group of mice, was in charge. They heard him and it upset them because they were supposed to be finding food. So the mice, for punishment, grabbed his arms and threw him in the dungeon. The frightened mouse said' "Help"!

The mouse saw an old lady with a yellow rope on her ankle.  "Well hello there".  Said the old lady with the rope.

"Hi," replied Little Mouse.  "My name is Little Mouse," he said.

"My name is Wandy," said the old lady.

"Do you want to be friends?" asked Little Mouse.

They needed a way to get out of the dungeon. They threw old bones at the door and escaped.

"Ya!" they both exclaimed.  So reader what will happen next.  Ahh, that's a mystery we may never know the answer to!

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