My Love
Amit'naaq, Age 14, Baker Lake, NU

My Love where have you gone?
Do I rebuke you?
Am I not good enough for you?
Do I not do enough for you?

Where have you gone?
For too long have I waited for you.
Too long have I begged for your return from the gods.
Too long have I been alone,
with lots of young men who say
'Please come and forget your lost love.
He's gone for good, and I'm here now.'

So I've now forgotten you

I have had many lovers.
But none can ever match you,
for you have loved me first, and I you.
But you still have not returned to me...
my dear love, where have you gone?

Now I pine for you once again.
and again young men tell me to forget you.
'I was his first love, he called me "heart",
he was my first love and I called him mine.
I can never truly forget him' say I to all those young men
who say that they truly want to have me as their own.

My dear love, where have you gone?

A letter arrived here today, and it said this:

'My Dear Heart,

I can't forget you, ever. Please I beg for your forgiveness.
I come in several days time the moment you receive this. If I'm still yours
to hold, and I still have your heart, please meet me there...'

As I finished the letter my heart became full of joy.

Now I know I'm still yours.
Now I know where you are.

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