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James Patterson. Maximum Ride: School's Out – Forever
Little, Brown And Company  $22.99  ISBN 0-316-15559-4  409 pg.

Reviewed by Veronica, Age 12

This book is about a group of mutant kids with wings, aged 6 to 14.  A 14-year-old, kick-butt girl called Max, leads them. They have all just escaped from an illegal and experimental laboratory where they had gotten their wings and other supernatural abilities. As well, they are running from people that want to capture and take them back to the lab. As they are eluding their pursuers, they also are looking for their long-lost parents, because the same people had kidnapped them all as babies. When that doesn’t work out, they focus on answering some of the many questions they have.

Maximum Ride: School’s Out-Forever definitely lives up to its name! It’s full of fast-paced action and excitement; I couldn’t put it down once I started.   The main characters in this book can fly, and I have never read a book about that subject (until now) so it makes this book all the better. The characters all have their own unique personalities, but I like Max the best. She is a great leader and most of the book is written from her point of view, which is sometimes really funny. I think this book is more appropriate for people 12 and up. Overall, now one of my favourite books, I highly suggest you read it.

Maximum Ride: School’s Out-Forever fully deserves all five out of five stars.


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